On the eve of his return to the KC Stadium with Birmingham, We text messaged* bonafide Hull City hero Bo Myhill to ask him what was his favourite kit during his 7 and a half years as a Tiger? We were delighted to get a response, one so long that [Receiving more text] appeared on screen for what felt like an eternity until the full message arrived. His answer was…

“The grey kit I wore at Wembley (regular version shown above left, embroidered Wembley version above right) was my favourite. I liked it so much I had two spare sets ready and changed into a clean one straight after the game. After a shower I put the last clean kit on and wore it for the party and I didn’t take it off till the next day when I woke up in it! I wore that kit in the first Premier League season too, I didn’t like the jade one much, it seemed a bit girly.”

So there you have it, the 2007-08 grey/black Umbro keeper kit is Myhill’s favourite.

*via a club employee who kindly acted as intermediary (many thanks!). It’s probably best we don’t have Bo’s number, lest we irritate him with a million tedious kit related questions, such as ‘why did he alternate between Uhlsport, adidas and Selsport gloves?’