‘Gold and silver’ was owner and chairman Adam Pearson’s idea for the first kits designed under his stewardship. He was of course quickly informed that City play in amber, not gold, but the principle remind, and City’s 2001/02 away kit was made up of silver shirts with navy shorts and socks. Light shirts and dark shorts for both the home and away didn’t really worn in practice, as City found when they took only the away kit to Darlington, who played in white shirts and black shorts, which of course is chromatically similar. The ref was not amused, and ordered City to wear Darlo’s white away shorts with their silver shirts, but even that proved insufficient contrast and mid game, Darlo changed into their red away shirts. Oddly, the ref of City’s League Cup tie at Derby that season didn’t think white and black against silver and navy was a problem.


Faroe Islander Julian Johnsson played just one season for City, and wore this long sleeved shirt for one half at Derby, changing into a short sleeved version for the other 45 minutes. Parts of the felt navy sponsor and maker’s mark have been scraped off, whether this was done in a game, during washing or after it left the club’s possession we don’t know.