Mark Greaves, player of the year in 1999/00, wore this purple Avec away shirt several times during that season. We acquired this shirt from a relative of a former club employee, so have no doubts regarding its authenticity. Season 1999/00 was the first in which the Football League adopted the practice of clubs putting squad numbers and player names on shirts, following the example of the Premier League that switched in 1994. The League created a standard font for all 72 member clubs to use.


Money was so tight in the late 1990s that players were issued two sets of home kit and just one set of the purple, white and red away kit, and players were threatened with a fine of a week’s wages if they swapped shirts! This then, would have been the only away shirt issued to Mark Greaves, and was worn at Hayes in the FA Cup, as well as at Barnet, Mansfield and Shrewsbury in the league. The Nationwide League competition patches on each arm are retro-reflective, becoming luminescent under bright light.