The chap we acquired this long sleeved 1987/88 home shirt said he was given it by Wayne Jacobs.The defender,signed from Sheffield Wednesday in March 1988, played as number 3 in 5 outings late in the season. This shirt though, has been worn to death, so is likely to have been worn by other number 3s in the campaign, that year Pat Heard and Ray Daniel shared the number before Jacob’s arrival.


The shirt shows heavy wear, there are holes in the sleeves, the amber (which was always on the yellow side of the tone) is quite faded compared to our relatively pristine 1986/87 shirt and the fleece-like, sweat absorbent layer inside the shirt is totally bare in some places. The heat bonded Mansfield Beers sponsor text and player number (which was sown on in red felt the year before) also shows fade and cracking. Whereas supplier Admiral’s logo was embroidered in black thread in 1967/87, the follow up used red thread.