In the summer of 1978 City began using a redesign of the classic tiger head crest first used on shirts in the 1940s. This tiger head, which first appeared in programmes in 1973, looked better fed than the emaciated looking thing that adorned shirts intermittently until 1975, and replaced the monogram of H.C.A.F.C. previously used on Europa shirts. The V of the collar got a slight update too, it now overlapped rather than being stitched in the middle. For the start of the 1979/80 campaign these Europa shirts were paired with adidas shorts and socks, until City switched to all adidas garb in January 1980.


Though this shirt would only have been used competitively for a season and a half, it shows heavy use and has tears on the arms and cuffs. That’s no surprise, as training ground photos show that old kits were worn by players in practice matches. Keith Edwards was number 9 for every game of 1978/79, and most of 1979/80, though Bruce Bannister and John Farley both wore the number occasionally too. 1979/80 was a struggle for the Tigers, and City only avoided relegation by two points, finishing 20th in Division Three.