In order to avoid a colour clash when on the road, the Tigers have occasionally mixed and matched elements of primary and change kits. On other occasions they’ve had to procure items not part of the season’s kitset for an individual game, and in rare instances, they’ve been forced to borrow items of from opponents. The shame.

Here we attempt to catalogue every example of what we call a mash-up.

There are distinct types of mash-up, codified thusly…

MUSKI – Mash-Up from Stocked Kitset Items: So, away shorts worn with the shirts and socks of the primary kit for example. Your most common type of mash-up, sometimes an on the day decision, but usually planned by the kitman.

MUBI – Mash-Up featuring Borrowed Items: Perhaps the most notorious example is City taking only the ‘flint’ grey change kit to Newcastle in 2008, necessitating City borrowing the home sides white adidas shorts and socks from the Geordie’s away kit.  Embarrassing, and the result of a failure of planning from the kitman.

MUNKI – Mash-Up featuring Non Kitset Items: When mixing and matching items from the current kitset won’t cut it, and mash-up need is established before City arrive at an opponent’s ground, the kitman will have used foresight to find something else that fits the bill, such as when white Umbro shorts bought from the Harrogate branch of Sports Direct were used with the Diadora home shirts and socks at Sheffield Wednesday in 2004.

v. Fulham (1959/60)

City travelled to the capital in January 1960 to face Fulham in the FA Cup, and were promptly sent packing by the Cottagers, who won 5-0. City wore the white shorts and socks if the away kit with the home shirts. In the pic, Jimmy ‘Chisel Chin’ Hill scores past Billy Bly, who retired at the end of the 1959/60 season.

v. Fulham (1992/93)

A straightforward MUSKI type mash-up at Craven Cottage in October 1992, with the attention grabbing original tiger stripe shirt (and primary socks) matched with the white change shorts for a pulsating 3-3 draw.

v. Cheltenham (2003/04)

The Tigers tipped up at Whaddon Road in November 2003 for an FA Cup first round tie, and wore all black in the 3-1 defeat. Nothing odd about that you might think, our away kit was all-black, and had already been used once before at Rochdale in the September. The crucial difference was the socks: the regular away kit socks were black with amber foldover bands split by a black stripe. These had black foldover bands with a thin amber stripe sandwiched by two thin white stripes. These socks were part of the goalkeeper kitset and mostly used by netmen in the first year of the home kit’s two year lifespan (2002/03), strange then that were pressed into outfield use.