Make: Matchwinner
Sponsor: Bonus

Kit notes: After 8 years of use as a tertiary colour, red was eliminated from City’s palette. Given that red appeared in our kits when Don Robinson arrived and disappeared when the flamboyant chairman left the club, it’s no doubt upon who’s behest red was added to The Tigers scheme. Those 8 year were also a striped shirt free period, so the new Matchwinner supplied City home kit was the first to have a striped shirt since 1981-82.


Primary kit


Primary kit update – White maker’s logo


Primary kit Mash-up 1


Primary kit Mash-up 2

Away kit Shotton

Change kit

Away Kit Mashup 1

Change kit Mash-up 1

Away Kit Mashup 2

Change kit Mash-up 2

Away Kit Update

Change kit Update

Keeper Kit Green

Keeper kit green

Keeper Kit Red

Keeper kit red