Hull City shirts and hip-hop? Greatest music video ever!


If you love Hull City shirts, then you can’t fail to love a music video that features a glut of them. There hasn’t been many tiger rags in videos, the last we can recall is the Matchwinner made 1990-92 home shirt (with the Bonus wordmark crossed out with black tape) worn by Myles Howell of Kingmaker in the video to ‘Really scrape the sky’.

In Vinny & The Stars quite amazing ‘I’m not from America… I’m from Hull’, City’s colours and Dean Windass both get namechecked, and the following shirts are worn…2009/10 Home shirt, 2009/10 Away shirt, 2007/08 Home shirt, 2005-07 Away shirt, 2004/05 Home shirt, 2003/04 Away shirt, 2001/02 Home shirt, 1998/99 Home shirt, 1998/99 Away shirt.



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