Hands up if you want correctly coloured undershirts…

The 2-1 win against Leicester on Saturday proved somewhat cathartic after the recent Nigel Pearson departure saga and back to back defeats. One aesthetic fly in the ointment was the use of yellow undershirts with short sleeved jerseys, worn by Robert Koren (celebrating his winner, above), Corry Evans, Aaron Mclean and Liam Rosenior.

Law 4 of the Laws of the Game, under the heading ‘Basic equipment’, states that “if undergarments are worn, the colour of the sleeve must be the same main colour as the sleeve of the jersey or shirt.”

Since the sleeves of the 2011/12 home shirt are predominantly amber, any undershirts used must also have amber sleeves. The approximation of amber used for the  undershirts worn by City players this year evidently satisfies referees, but the contrast of the two tones, that of playing shirt and of undershirt, is pretty shoddy looking. Hopefully City can source some proper amber undershirts soon.

Interestingly*, the undershirt worn by striker Aaron Mclean during the Leicester game  (seen left) had thumb holes in the cuffs. ————————————————————-

*Interesting if you’re a player equipment obsessive like us that is.

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  1. jghull
    jghull says:

    Thumb holes are done by the players themselves as far as I know. I’ve seen a few do it and it’s not seamed properly – basically butchered and hooked on.

    I’ve no idea what purpose it serves!

  2. Waywardeffort
    Waywardeffort says:

    An interesting post and I agree it seems like the players themselves make the thumb holes.

    There is quite a difference in shades between the playing and under shirts. I wonder if the undershirts are made by adidas as well?

    • jghull
      jghull says:

      Shirts are by Adidas – we get the standard yellow stuff they produce which is available elsewhere. Adidas don’t have an Amber in their colour range…


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