Auction Action – April 2012

Whether the April fools were those who paid hefty sums for shirts or those who missed out on them is very much a matter of perspective, but the bidding for City kits was frenzied last month.

A matchworn shirt went for the most money, as you’d expect. This long sleeved, number 5 maroon away shirt from 1995-97 drew 17 bids and a final price of £227.

If this seventies home shirt said to be worn by Chris Chilton is genuine, it’s an absolute snip at £150 given that the seller got him to sign it. What catches our eye about it is the stitched on number 9 being white. Amazing.

The Club relisted Josh Kings shirt from the Leeds and Ipswich games, it features the Help the Hospices patch used by all Football League teams in March and fetched £113.88.

Early 80’s replicas continue to go for over £150, this Arrow Air sponsored number 9 Admiral home shirt raised £195 after 9 bids, and a white Admiral away shirt (that was used throughout Admiral’s 6 year stint as kit supplier) went for £170 after 13 bids.

Tiger stripe 1992/1993 home shirts also remain big draws. Despite the faded club crest this shirt attracted 22 bids and sold for £124. The same seller may have gotten more than £51 for a limited edition though never used in games ‘Needler’s shirt’ had it not had a small hole in it.

The most intriguing of the shirts sold in April was a Super League 1995-97 home shirt that appears to have been a prototype, though the seller believes it was worn in a pre-season friendly.

The club crest  used on this jersey was the type used on the follow up kits from 1997/98, for 1995-97 though a large sewn on shield shaped patch containing the crest within a smaller shield.

On the back of this shirt a number 5 has a drop shadow, whereas the shirts used by the club throughout the two seasons they were worn had a simpler number font. Club used or not, this is a fascinating item, and we were surprised it went for a mere £31.50 after garnering 14 bids. Perhaps we should have had a punt on this one.

As we enter May, there are already some interesting shirts for sale on Ebay and elsewhere, happy hunting Kit Nerds!

Auction Action – March 2012

March was a manic period for the Tigers, squeezing 9 games into it’s 31 days. it was also an interesting month for fans seeking old City shirts.

There were some relative bargains to be had where match worn/issued shirts were concerned, a signed Henrik Pedersen worn 2007-08 home shirt fetched £80, whereas a 2000/2001 Theo Whitmore home shirt  went for just £62.

Tiger striped 1992/93 shirts continue to command triple figure bids, this one went for just under £176, prompting someone to ask £220 as a buy it now price for one in size large.  It seems a bit cheeky to set such a high price when the seller says the B of the BONUS sponsor has a split in it, which may explain why no one has stumped up for it after a full 31 days listed. The same seller is asking £300 for a 1982-84 home shirt in large. Cuh.

Admiral reproduced that design in a much shinier fabric for seasons 1984/85 and 1985/86, and a youths (35-37″) version went for £102 after receiving 19 bids. Another one, also in a youths size but with the measurements not listed garnered 17 bids but went for just £29.66. Some cautionary tales for people listing old shirts then, let bidders decide what a shirt is worth, and state the exact size if you want people to bid big.

A centenary home shirt signed by 28 players spanning several generations, including Andy Davidson, John McSeveney, Ken Wagstaff, Chris Chilton, Billy Whitehurst, Richard Jobson and Kevin Francis fetched just £51, less than the £55 asking price for a 2009/10 replica home shirt signed by Jimmy Bullard. Not that anyone has paid that amount so far, though one person has made an offer, Paul Duffen perhaps.

Some 90s away shirts were snapped up, a 1993/94 Pelada/Pepis jade shirt in large sold for £69, while an XXL Super League/University of Hull white shirt from 1997/98 went for £72. Our favourite item auctioned in March was a late 70s Europa home shirt in a youths 30/32″ size. The seller correctly stated that replicas were a rarity back then, a surprise then that it fetched just £37.


Auction Action – February 2012

February was a busy month for City shirt auctions, the highlight being several of the poppy adorned matchworn shirts from the West Ham game in November that the Club relisted citing ‘timewasters’ as the reason.

The relisted shirts went for: Liam Rosenior £226 (28 bids), Paul McKenna £205 (33 bids), Adriano Basso £122 (32 bids), Robbie Brady £201 (12 bids) and Dele Adebola £155 (11 bids).

Several other purportedly matchworn shirts went under the E-hammer last month: At the start of February the #10 long sleeved 1995/96 home shirt that we featured in January’s Auction Action went for £50 after attracting 7 bids. A 2001/02 home shirt said to be worn and signed by Ian Goodison went for £49 (15 bids). If authentic, the new owners of those shirts have gotten bargains, you could have had both for the cost of a squad signed but off the peg home shirt from this season which went for £107.

Other replicas that fetched a song are the 1992/93 tiger stripe shirt that fetched £175 (20 bids), a considerably rarer small/medium 1982/83 home shirt went for £88 after 13 bids and the never used in a match Pelada/Needlers limited edition shirt brought in £66 (9 bids).

Our favourite sale of February was of a 1996/97 alternate goalkeeper shirt which received only one bid and so went for the list price of £50. We’d forgotten all about that faintly nauseatingly coloured and mindbending design, which although reproduced as a replica was never used in a game as far as we can recall. Scott Thompson preferred the orange keeper top and Steve Wilson became synonymous with a white jersey that was paired with the shorts and socks of the away kit to create a rare on keepers all white look that made Willo look a bit, err, cherubic between the sticks.

Auction Action – January 2012

Sex sells they say, but not always for much. ‘Chambermaid Julia’, an eBay seller, paired what appeared to be an unsponsored 1995-97 City away shirt with suspenders while modelling the size small shirt for a recent auction.

Though the seller’s marketing style drew attention on the #hcafc Twitter hashtag, the shirt garnered only two bids, selling for a mere £5.50.

Is this a reflection on Julia’s charms or on the lack of City fans that can get into a small shirt? We may never know, but a large Liverpool shirt went for just £11.50, despite a whole lot of leg being on show in the item photo .

Attracting far more offers was a Pelada training jacket (size 46/48 tellingly) from 1994/95.

Fans of foreign words may know that Pelada is a Portuguese term that roughly translates as ‘naked’ and is used in Brazil to describe kickabouts, ‘stripped down’ games of football if you will.

Pelada is also a Melton Mowbray based teamwear manufacturer who back in the mid-90s made kits for West Brom, Reading, Mansfield and City. They were tasked with making a non-copyright violating facsimile of Matchwinner’s tiger stripe 1992/93 kit but succeeded only in producing the vilest City home shirt EVER! They did produce a moderately handsome jade, white and black away kit though. Oddly, all the training gear featured green trim (this appears to be a Pelada thing, referencing Brazil throughout their range), and this City training jacket had three green stripes split by two white stripes on its zip up collar.

The jacket was bid on seven times by three seperate bidders and sold for £46.00.

Mid-month, someone paid £49.99 for a 2008/09 ‘Windass 9’ home shirt featuring a Remembrance Day poppy appliqué on the front.

We can’t help but wonder if whoever bought this shirt thinks they now own something matchworn or player issued, even though the seller, ‘legendsandicons’, didn’t list the shirt that way.

City only started using poppy appliqués in 2009/10, the season after this shirt was worn, furthermore this shirt doesn’t have the Premier League sleeve transfers.

A shirt that might well have been worn by Deano is this long sleeved ‘Super League’ 1995-97 home shirt that has the correct competition badges on the sleeves and number 10 on the back in the appropriate typeface for a player worn shirt. The auction is still live if you fancy bidding, but as always remember the first rule of bidding, caveat emptor!