Pelada Schmelada – Reimagining the 1993-95 kits


Denis Hurley, of the estimable Museum of Jerseys blog, has a pleasing wont for wondering what teams of the past might have looked like if they had gone with a different kit supplier, and then rendering it as an illustration.  Recent Fantasy Kit Friday posts on the MOJ Twitter feed have shown us how Manchester United could have looked in Umbro templates in the mid 1980s and what Arsenal might have been given this season had they stayed with Nike.

This got us thinking about the Pelada deal struck in 1993, after the relationship between Hull City and Matchwinner deteriorated quickly, and to such an extent that City had little option but to start the 1993/94 campaign in Matchwinner kit but with the Scottish brand’s logo patched over until a new supplier, Pelada, could knock up two sets  of kits. Pelada did a pretty good job with the away kit, which featured a shirt that was jade with thin white stripes, but the home kit was a monstrosity, and that’s on the club for tasking the supplier with creating a non-copyright violating approximation of the tiger stripe shirt instead of just saying ‘give us an amber and black shirt.’

So we asked Denis if he’d help us envisage an alternate kit history, to right the wrongs of reality. This being FANTASY Kit Friday we didn’t think there was much fun to be had using other Pelada templates (such as this West Brom jobbie), so we asked for adidas kits of the era, and Denis heroically obliged…



Look at that! The home shirt riffs on a template used by Ireland at the USA ’94 World Cup,  although the shorts are pretty much what Liverpool used on their away kit in 1993/94. Hooped socks always get our hearts racing, marry those to a shirt with quasi-stripes and lots of amber as well as shorts with three stripe trim, and we utterly adore this kit. Damn you Martin Fish, why did you call Pelada?


Denis also rendered an era appropriate away kit too, based on a template worn by Spain at USA ’94 that features 3 stripes made out of interconnected diamonds (I bet Umbro loved that!) It looks fabulous in City’s traditional change tone of all white with black and amber trim.

Thanks for indulging us Denis!