Welcome to Auction Action. The ninth month of 2021 is now in the books, but was it a September to remember for those who clamour for Tigers apparel? Dauntless eBay tracker Mike Carter (@MikeyCarter90) tells all…

If your bag is player issue or match worn shirts then no, it was fairly quiet, but if you were on a quest for 1990s replicas then it was a chance to claim the Hull-y Grail. We have got a lot to get through so let’s get cracking!

There may have only been one match issue shirt available in the month but it was pretty cool. It was issued to Abdoulaye Faye in the 2012/13 season for a fixture against Bristol City on 27/10/2012. For this fixture the standard Cash Converters appliqué was replaced by ‘Tash Converters’ inside a black handlebar moustache to promote ‘Movember’, the annual charity event to support men’s health issues. The shirt sold for £187.11, which on paper is a lot for a shirt that wasn’t worn as Faye didn’t even make the bench. The one-off element will have been appealing though and that will likely have been what forced the price up.

The oldest shirt to feature this month is this 1988/89 home shirt by Matchwinner. It sold for £245 which for a size large feels like a good price. We’ve seen smaller sizes for less and this keeps with the trend of wearable shirts selling for a respectful fee.

Next up is a trio of 1990-92 home shirts. Two were size medium, the first fetched £175 whereas the second went for £102. The third which was a size large sold for £147.06. The condition of all three is very good for shirts aged 30+ years. The shirt which sold for the most sold first, so the timing was everything for the seller on this occasion.

Staying with the 1990-92 season, this away shirt in a size large started as an auction at £39.95 and finished 10 days later at £113.05. It’s one of the rarer Hull City away shirts of the ‘90s, so I’d imagine the buyer to be very pleased with this pick-up.

Forget the Ox, 2021 has been the year of the Tiger (stripe Hull City shirt), with home shirts from 1992-1995 determined to me worth more than a platinum bucket full of diamonds. In September another 5 were listed on eBay. The final values fluctuated wildly, with the lowest going for £300 after being listed as a buy it now. I’d have to say this was not a smart move on the sellers part as this was less than half of the most expensive shirt which sold for a staggering £637.

Someone chanced their arm with a buy it now price of £1500, however they did accept an offer of £560 for their garment not long after they listed it. Everyone loves a trier!

Another sold for £330 after being listed as an auction with a start price of £150. Low for a size 38/40, essentially a Medium.

The shirt that was initially listed for £1500 and ended with a best offer came up again, and this time is finished at £560. The final 1992/93 home went for up to £635 with the best offer option. We can’t tell the actual selling price but we sure could have a rough guess…

The average final price for a 1992/93 tiger stripe shirt in September comes out at £477.40. This is below the value we’ve come to see the shirt sell for, possibly down to being undervalued with buy it now prices in two cases, if listed as auctions that average might have crept higher.

Moving onto the 1993/94 season, and its reimagined tigerskin, the trend of these home shirts selling for £300+ continued with this shirt finishing at £480. These have consistently finished around £300 for some time but recently it has pushed past the £400 barrier too. One for us to keep an eye on.

It wasn’t just a 1993/94 home shirt that was available, there was an away shirt too! It sold for £185, which is about right for this shirt in the current market.

Moving on to the end of the decade, this 1999/00 home shirt was listed as a buy it now for £100 with a best offer option available. I would guess an offer would have been made on this one as £100 is at the higher end of its current valuation, in my opinion.

To close we’ve got this 2021/22 away shirt in a size medium. These have been hard to come by due to demand issues and I was pleasantly surprised to see this one finish for only £15 above the RRP at £62. The market isn’t there for these to be ‘flipped’ just yet and I am all over that!

That’s your lot for this month, we’ll see you at the start of November to review October’s Auction Action.

Caveat emptor!