The 2020/21 EFL season kicked off in September, a month later than usual after the shortest of close seasons. It was a decent month for City, with three consecutive wins in League One, and quick-fire advancement to the third-round of the Carabao Cup, with the Tigers eliminating Sunderland and Leeds United in shoot-outs. It wasn’t such a decent month for shirt collectors who regularly scan the eBay listings however, as there was little booty to be had in September.

The only match-worn shirt available was Josh Bowler’s 2019/20 poppy shirt from the remembrance fixture against West Bromwich Albion. During the initial auction, Bowler’s shirt sold for £159. The auction started at £50 with a buy it now price of £180. The full asking price was paid on the day it was listed.

Onto replica sales in September, and a lot of 2013/14 home shirts went for such pitiful amounts that they’re barely worth mentioning, so we’ll have a gander at this home shirt from 1998/99 instead. The ‘Great Escape’ shirt went for the seller’s baseline asking price of £80 even though there was a best offer option.

This 1986-88 home shirt wasn’t listed for very long, likely snapped up for the ‘buy it now’ price of £95 but possibly sold for less since there was a best offer option. That sounds like a steal, but the sleeves of the shirt had sizable holes in them that belied the condition of the rest of the shirt. You’d expect a shirt with such damage to have a faded neck tag, a common indicator of heavy wear and heavy washing, but the print on the neck tag was quite vibrant, as was the red embroidery on the crest. Often on shirts of this age you’ll see lettering that is a sun-faded pink, but that isn’t the case here. A bit of a mystery this one.

With a dearth of matchworns or replicas available in September, we’re going to include some training wear this month… First up is this 2014/15 Stephen Quinn training shirt that features his squad number. A nice pick up for £10 if training wear is your thing.

Lastly, remember the Craig Fagan bundle sold last month? Well, the first item from that bundle sold individually went for £20

Slim pickings in September then, but we’ll be back next month to see if pick-ups pick up.