October was a tough month for Hull City, with four consecutive defeats dragging them nearer to the Championship’s relegation trapdoor, but for collector’s of Hull City apparel in all its forms, there were W’s to be had in the tenth month of 2021, with some absolute belters sold via online auctions. Indefatigable eBay trawler @MikeyCarter90 shares his findings…   

We’ll start as usual with player issued/worn shirts and this 1993/94 Pelada away shirt with #3 on the reverse. It features an embroidered club crest, and this is the main structural difference from the replicas. A cool £475 was paid by the winning bidder for this shirt.

Player shirts from 2009/10 are the most common matchworns available, the kitman must have spent most of their workdays heat-pressing appliques onto shirts that season to replace those given away during our sophomore Premier League campaign. This ‘Fusion Blue’ away shirt worn by Jimmy Bullard was listed by a reputable trader of match shirts and sold for £115. Given the availability of 2009/10 shirts and the general ill standing of the player, I didn’t expect this one to finish as high as it did.

Moving onto replica sales, it’s more of the same, with lots of 1990s replicas up for grabs. We’ve become accustomed to seeing multiple 1992/93 tiger print shirts in recent, but in October there was only one. It didn’t sell for as much as we’ve seen XL editions go for, but still fetched £370. That’s just over half of what we’ve seen previously. Is the trend losing steam? We’ll be keeping an eye on this phenomenon.

Though not as much as the animal print home, the 1992/93 away by Matchwinner is nonetheless highly sought after. This one in XL finished at £112.06, which is a little under the established value.

The follow up tiger print shirts from 1993/94 have been selling for silly money in 2021 and this one is no different. It sold for £460 which for a size medium is above what we’ve seen in the past.

The same seller also sold a 1993/94 away shirt, also in a size medium for £114.

Even though City never played in it, the 1994/95 Limited Edition shirt has been one that usually sells well. This one in size large fetched £102.

During October we saw two 1995-97 home shirts sell at auction. The first was an XL and sold for £330. A few days later a size Large said to be in excellent condition ended at £155, proving that size does indeed matter.

That wasn’t the only fluctuation in October, if anything the 1995-97 away shirt provided us with a bigger gap in selling price. An XL sized shirt sold for a staggering £456. The highest we have seen this shirt sell for. Now, flip the size down to a small and the price drops dramatically. This one finished at £107.05.

If you fancied a 1997/98 away shirt in large then this one could have been yours for £142.

The lowest-priced shirt we’ve decided to cover this month is this 2001/00 away shirt incorrectly listed as from 1999/00, in a size medium. It finished at £53.10, which is still above what the retail price would have been over 20 years ago.

Another erroneous listing was this 2000/01 home shirt described as from 2001/02, though not everyone would notice or care about that. It finished at £68 which for a size large is a decent price.

We’ve noted in the past how third shirts seem to hold their value more than other modern-day replicas shirts, which might come down to the low numbers manufactured relative to home and away shirts. This ‘blueprint and scuba blue’ design from 2015/16 which was XXL and ‘brand new with tags’ sold for £94.52. Incredible eh.

City and Umbro are still struggling to fulfil orders on the 2020/21 away shirt, which has led to some coin-eyed meffery. This size XL has sold for £74, slightly up on the £62 paid for one last month but  not ridiculous, thankfully.

And lastly, we bring you something random, which we don’t believe to be legit, however, it did amuse us a bit at HCK HQ. This supposed substitutes suit sold for just £9.99, telling us we weren’t the only people who believed this.