The 2020/21 season may have drawn to a close, but here at HCK, there is no off-season when it comes to the quest for polyester. Mike Carter (@MikeyCarter90) is back once again to cast an eye over the availability of shirts and more, this time rounding up the month of May 2021. Let’s see what you could have won…

During May match-worn shirts were few and far between. This number 14, Matchwinner 1990-92 home shirt sold for £585! 6 bidders attempted to buy this shirt including us here at HCK. Player shirts from 1990-92 are easy to spot, the numbers were heat applied to a sewn-on amber patch for added number clarity, and on the sleeves, competition patches were used for the first time in English football.

A curious listing was this Michael Bridges 2006-07 home shirt. It doesn’t state anywhere in the listing that this is player issue, however the price would imply that the seller believes it is. It was listed at £150, with the best offer option and sold after the seller accepted an offer. We’re not convinced this is player worn, so we avoided this one at HCK. (This shirt has since been relisted, citing non-payment after an offer was accepted)

It seems like every month we cover a much coveted 1992/93 home shirt and May is no exception. This Matchwinner home shirt could be the best condition tiger print shirt we‘ve seen available. It sold for £550, which is at the high end of the recent selling value. I believe there are a few reasons for this. Firstly the condition – It’s almost perfect. Secondly, it’s a size that would fit a lot of adults wishing to wear it (size large) and thirdly, it was the only one available at auction at the time of selling. Saturation plays a big part in shirt sales. All you have to do is look at April’s Auction Action to see that.

Goalkeeper shirts from the 1990s are quite rare, so when two cropped up I was interested in seeing their selling value. Both shirts from the 1997/98 season sold for upwards of £130. The orange XXL shirt sold for £132 and the green medium shirt sold for £142. The trend of replica shirts from this era, selling for this kind of money is still ongoing. Continue reading for more evidence.

1995-97 away shirts were in surprisingly plentiful supply in May, becoming like buses after an age waiting in vain. Most surprising about these shirts is the variance in final values… The first listing finished at £135, the second £77 and the third a staggering £200. The shirt with the lowest value had been printed with a #11 on the reverse. It was also the only one of the three shirts to be listed as an auction. It’s difficult to explain what happened here, but all I can put it down to is two people really wanting this shirt and snapping it up quickly at the buy it now prices.

Another vintage shirt readily available in May was the 1998/99 home shirt. One sold for an eye-watering £319, the most we’ve seen a replica from 1998/99 sell for. The second was listed at £29.99 and sold for an offer of £150. We’re able to confirm this as a friend of HCK was the buyer and they disclosed the information to us. Thanks, Andy! Enjoy your shirt.

More multiples in May? Yep. There were three shirts from the 1999/00 season on sale, two home and one away. The first home shirt sold for £41 – this was a size small. The second sold for £79.99 – this was a size large. Furthermore backing up our recent claims regarding price and size with City replica shirts. The 1999/00 away shirt that sold was also a size small and sold for £42.

This next one strikes me as a bargain for someone. This 2000/01 home shirt sold for £16.47. However, it is a size small, and it does have a mark on the front as well as a random signature on the back. These three things have affected the value someone was willing to pay. Still, someone will be very pleased with this one.

The 2002/03 away shirt (and 2003/04 third) is one of my favourite shirts to wear. One sold in May for £43 after 4 bidders placed 24 bids to attempt to secure it.

Staying in 2002-04 this home shirt printed with a Northern Irish City legend’s name on the reverse sold for £37.01.

And to close we take a look at the most modern shirt to feature in Auction Action. This 2017/18 third shirt sold for £77.30. I find this high for a shirt that is only 3-4 years old, but then third shirts are produced in smaller quantities than the homes and aways.

That’s May 2021 in the Auction Action books, join us in one of your Earth months for the June edition…