February may be the shortest month of the year, but it certainly didn’t come up short when it came to the availability of Hull City polyester!

We’ll start with a Hull City Members Exclusive – City added player shirts from the F.A. Cup Second Round fixture against Stevenage to Tiger Leisure on February 8th. Shirts worn by the starting XI and the four substitutes who played in the game was sold for £120 each. The remaining three players on the bench had their shirts listed as match issue for £80 each. Complete with an Emirates FA Cup sleeve patch, these shirts worn in a known game didn’t hang around for long with them all selling a few days after they were spotted by HCK HQ.

Staying in the match-worn category,  Carl Regan’s shirt worn in the final game at Boothferry Park was available on eBay. Initially, it was listed as an auction, before being relisted and selling as a buy it now for £170. Shortly after it sold again, this time for £250.  It’s easy to assume what happened here…

The final match issued shirt I’ll cover for the month is this Paul McShane home shirt from 2010/11. If you’re a regular trawler of eBay then you will have seen this multiple times. Initially listed for £100 a year or so ago its been bouncing around and finally sold for an offer of £45 in February. Unfortunately, this didn’t fall into the hands of a collector and is currently listed for three times the price elsewhere.

The oldest replica shirt to sell in February was this 1984-86 home shirt. It was listed with the best offer option, so we can’t confirm exactly how much it sold for but it fetched up to £155 for the seller.

Replica shirts that date before the year 2000 continue to prove desirable, fetching much more than a new replica costs in the current day. This 1993-94 away shirt sold for £125, which is in line with other 93/94 away shirts that we’ve seen sell.

Last year we saw a 1995-97 home shirt sell for over £400. To this day we still don’t quite know how that happened, but it seems that people have come to their senses as one sold recently for £60. This is nearer to the price you should expect to be paying if you’re on the lookout for a 95-97 home shirt.

Another shirt listed with the best offer option was this 1999/00 away shirt. The shirt sold for up to £64.99. Anything less than that should be considered a bargain in my opinion, especially since this one is in excellent condition.

With this next shirt, a buyer could have potentially been caught out. This 2010/11 home shirt with Bostock 12 printed on the reverse sold for £50. In the description, it says “Match Issue” however it doesn’t carry the Neil Hudgell applique above the name on the back, like the aforementioned McShane shirt. Also, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that John Bostock wasn’t rocking an XL shirt during his time with the Tigers! It’s just a replica.

We also have another eBayer who is chancing their arm with the movement of a City shirt online. This 2005/06 away shirt with Barmby 8 printed on the back sold for £15. Fear not though, if you missed out and you’re interested, you can buy the exact same shirt that was sold (for £15) for £45 now…

Now we’ll round up some of the printed replicas from 2010 – 2014 sold during February and for a prices as low as £12.50! Shirts bearing the names of Andy Dawson, Sone Aluko, Tom Huddlestone, Geovanni, Ahmed Elmohamady and Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink were all available. The 2016/17 away shirt with Huddlestone 8 on the back commanded the highest price while the 2013/14 home shirt with Elmohamady 27 applied was the bargain of the bunch!

And finally…Whilst we’ve seen Hull City shirts from the 1980s constantly listed at £100 and up, the size of the shirt is often a factor. A size that adults can wear will go for more than something only kids and those with an overactive metabolism can get into.  This Admiral shirt from 1986-88 is a size small (35-37″) and that will have certainly impacted the final sale price, along with some damage on the sleeves. It went for £67, however it probably wouldn’t fit most people born after 2010.