In a month that saw City climb to the top of League One and exit the FA Cup in the second round, there was plenty to be had for those looking to add to their Hull City kit collections.

Before we start with November however, there is some unfinished business from the preceding month: At the very end of October, former Tigers’ striker Caleb Folan auctioned off one of his 2009/10 home shirts, and raised over £250 for the Chris Chilton fund. Well done to Caleb and auction winner Jon Purr.

We’ll stick with the matchworn theme as I talk you through 4 eBay sales that occurred during November.

Firstly, this 2001/02 home shirt that was donned by Justin Whittle sold for a very tidy £222.79. A flurry of late bids saw this increase in value by £100 late on in the auction.

A shirt that has been on eBay for some time finally sold last month. This 2014/15 Mo Diame home shirt was listed at £80 but an offer of £55 was enough to tempt the seller to part with their polyester. Unfortunately, the shirt has been signed with a personalisation. I’m sure this shirt would fetch over £100 if it hadn’t been personalised. Why do people do that anyway?

Next up is this John Walters 2003/04 away shirt. It sold for £127.86, once again with a flurry of late bids. Just exactly how an auction should be contested in my opinion. I would say this is a reasonable price for the seller and the buyer. Everyone is happy!

The last of the match-worn shirts on eBay is this Abel Hernandez 2016/17 home shirt. It’s probably one of the most common match-worn-shirts around, most notably because Abel would give his out after almost every fixture. A nice sale of around £120 on this occasion sealed this shirt a new home.

November is, of course, when poppy shirts are worn for a Remembrance fixture. This year that game coincided with the first round of the FA Cup, so as well as the poppy appliques the shirts worn against Fleetwood featured the new design of FA Cup sleeve patches, which are also red.  For the second successive year, the Dutch firm handled the auctions for City and many other clubs.

A total of £7127 was spent on Tigers poppy shirts, and here’s the breakdown, from most expensive to least costly for the auction winner…

George Long £403
Jacob Greaves £343
Keane Lewis-Potter £334
Mallik Wilks £311
George Honeyman (2) £314
George Honeyman £301
Josh Magennis £301
Josh Emmanuel £297
Josh Magennis £291
Mallik Wilks £288
Callum Elder £287
Reece Burke £275
Regan Slater £268
Alfie Jones £266
James Scott £266
Josh Emmanuel (2) £264
Richie Smallwood (2) £264
Thomas Mayer £248
Matt Ingram (Issued) £242
Richie Smallwood £242
Callum Elder (2) £197
Jordy de Wijs (Issued) £150
James Scott (2) (Issued) £149
Tom Eaves (Issued) £141
Jacob Greaves (2) (Issued)£126
Daniel Batty (Issued) £125
Reece Burke (2) £125
Callum Jones (Issued) £103
Hakeem Adelakun (Issued) £103
Alfie Jones (2) £103

It might seem odd that George Long and Jacob Greaves’ shirts went for the most, but that can be attributed to the nature of the auctions run by Unlike eBay, where the end time is fixed and the highest bidder at that time wins, these auctions are extended if a new bid is received in the last 15 minutes, and as other shirts sell and the availability of shirts dwindles, people who have missed out on others shirts tend to get carried away in their quest for poppied polyester.

The bid increments of around £23 mean that any person outbid on a shirt must offer at least the best part of £50 just to stay in the running. We miss the simplicity of eBay auctions for poppy shirts, and wonder if those facilitating the auctions taking 21% of each sale, even if they do offer free shipping, is really the best option available to the Royal British Legion.

Still, if you won one, excelsior!

One thing I’ll never understand is the appeal of a full signed replica shirt. What I’m about to cover next, points out that there clearly is an appeal to some people though. First up is this 2007/08 signed replica by the original Premier League promotion squad. It sold for £226. That’s more than any of the eBay sold, non-poppy match-worn shirts covered above. Wow.

Keeping with the signed replica trend this bundle of 5 signed shirts from various seasons between 1998 and 2009, including a 2007/08 (similar to above) sold for £195. I was surprised to see both listings finish as high as they did, but each to their own I suppose.

These next two have to be seen to be believed. Someone didn’t do their homework when they listed these two shirts. This 1994/95 limited edition shirt has sold for upwards of £100 in the past but was listed and sold for just £12. In a similar scenario, this 1998/99 home shirt which we’ve also seen sell for upwards of £100 sold for £20 (though the name on the back*, when match shirts didn’t have them, might explain that). What a bargain!

*We’re led to believe this shirt might have been worn in a charity game featuring Hateley. A similar shirt with the surname of the BBC’s Damian Johnson on the back was recently offered to HCK.

Sticking in the realm of bargains, these next two weren’t too shabby either. Sold by the same seller this 1995-97 and 2000/01 home shirts both sold with an offer shortly after being listed. The 1995-97 sold for £30 and the 2000/01 for £20.

Someone was lucky enough to add this 1990-92 away shirt into their collection this month for £124. There isn’t too many of these about, and the condition of this one looks really good from the image. A fine addition in to someone’s collection.

The oldest shirt that we’re covering this month is a 1988-90 home shirt. It sold for £167, which to me is quite high for a shirt in a small size (34/36 chest). We’ve noticed a trend in the larger sizes selling for more since we started doing Auction Action and this one bucks that trend a little.

Remember reading about the 1998/99 home shirt that sold for £20? This isn’t that one as the sizes are different, however, this large sold for £107. Remember, if you’re selling – always do your research. Auction Action provides you with a great platform to form evidence for future sales. You’re welcome.

To finish we’ll take a look at these Tiger print shirts. Yet again the value of these seems to rise. A 1993/94 home sold for £272 and a 1992-93 home sold for an eye-watering £435! Do you have one? Don’t particularly want it? Trends suggest now is the time to sell.

That’s all for this edition of Auction Action, we’ll be back in the New Year after casting our eyes over sales in December.


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