2013/14 Away kit launch date + teaser pic.


Hull City announced the imminent launch of the 2013/14 away kit on Friday, using social media platforms to give people a glimpse of the new change kit, or at least the socks. The adidas hose are a deep red, with the German sportswear giant’s trademark three stripes and logo picked out in blue.

The away kit’s full launch will be this coming Saturday (15/06/13). Reaction to the new away colours was mixed, and the HCK team were equally polarised in their views…


“I’m a rational man. It’s a teaser picture of a bit of sock, so what possible reaction can you have and still appear sane? I bloody hate those socks.

Red and blue together have no place in our history. Yes, we’ve had kits using both colours. Red was introduced by a slightly mental but hugely loveable Chairman in the 1980s, and blue is a very historic colour for us indeed, City having worn blue several times starting in the 1930s.

However, red and blue together isn’t uniquely identifying as a Hull City kit. Even an away Hull City kit. Before anyone starts, I know we’ve had a green and white chequered kit before, used maroon (with amber touches I might add) and even purple with red sponsor. I’m also well aware of the modern slant on away kits – “let’s make them insane and see if we can sell some” – Arsenal purple and black, Manchester United grey and Chelsea day-glo green all spring to mind.

So why should we be different? Well, it’s a personal thing but I believe even an away kit should identify the club. I’d go white with black and amber trim permanently (stripes at home). I don’t buy into this nonsense of having to change the shirt style to be able to sell them to the masses. Collars, finishing touches and simply changing the manufacturer all can do this.

Secondly, and most importantly, red and blue belongs to other clubs. This smells of Crystal Palace. Arsenal purple? United grey? Chelsea day-glo? They never made them look like someone else. In the age of template kits, I think this is more important than ever.

Let’s be honest, it’s just a teaser shot and any sane individual couldn’t possible draw any conclusions. However, I bloody hate those socks.”


“Heh, I’m amused by JGHull’s claim to be rational while espousing a very irrational viewpoint. I don’t have a problem with the new colours at all, in fact I’d say I’m very excited about this launch after seeing the socks.

I’m a traditionalist, I like to see City in all white when they need to wear change colours, but I accept that it needs to be mixed up now and then, and all white will be monotonous and drab if done every year, given that like it or not, kits are changed every season now.

JGHull refers to the Avec purple with red trim away kit of 1999/00, which had no precedent whatsoever when it was launched, but I bloody love that away kit, it’s one of my favourites, despite the horrific Hinchliffe crest, which featured what was more owl with a goatee beard than a tiger’s head.

So what if red and blue are the domain of other club’s where home kits are concerned? This is an away kit, and the main function of an away kit is to be utterly distinct from the home kit, even if it means utilising colours associated with other team’s. Manchester United often wear all blue as a third kit, isn’t this making them look Chelsea-esque? Probably, but it dilutes Manchester United’s identity not one bit, so I don’t accept the point that this kit compromises the club’s visual identity.

Some people are presuming that red will be the predominant colour, but I think the shirt will be blue, with shorts and socks in the red tone. We don’t have to wear an away kit often anyway, in the Premier League it will be a necessity only at Fulham, Newcastle, Sunderland and Spurs (based on them usually wearing dark shorts)   and Norwich because of shirt colour. With the exception of Sunderland, red and blue or blue and red works just fine, and presuming the away kit has alternate shorts and socks it’ll be fine at the Stadium of Light.

I’m all for a mix up of away colours for one season, but I would like to see us back in all white away sometime soon. I like the club using Facebook and Twitter to create a buzz about a new kit too, I think we’ve not done launches as well as we we could have in recent years, but the socks pic certainly has people talking.”

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  1. Ollie
    Ollie says:

    Red and blue does have a place in our history. Post WWII, we almost changed to exactly that colour scheme.

    It really does depend on the style of the shirt and Adidas have brought out some shockers recently, but looking at some of the templates of other team’s kits (home & away), I am quietly confident in both Adidas and the club to deliver.

    Nick Thompson knows what we as fans want. When it comes to away kits the colour scheme is usually irrelevant, maybe apart from that disgusting pink and black Everton kit. The style is the most important.

    The colours of the new liverpool away kit are only red, white and black, sounds alright. But due to the ‘warrior’ pattern that has been puked allover it, it will probably be the ugliest kit we are likely to see this season.

    Good, simple style and a maximum of two colours guarantees you an attractive kit. I am confident in this away kit, I hope I’m not delusional.

    • SombreEthyl
      SombreEthyl says:

      “Red and blue does have a place in our history. Post WWII, we almost changed to exactly that colour scheme. ”

      Err, no, the colour scheme considered after WW2 was orange and blue, we did a piece on this at the start of May.

      It’s also fair to say that the 2013/14 kits would have been approved around December, by January at the latest. Thompson came to the club late December, and I’d say it’s unlikely the colour of the away kit was his first task.

  2. Matt Sutton
    Matt Sutton says:

    I’m not arsed about away kit colours, really. I think they’re a good chance to play around with colour schemes and flog a few. As long as the home kit is a classic along the lines of the 08-09 edition or the 89-90 (?) ‘Payton’ one where we went back to black and amber for the first time since the start of the decade.

    And by the way, United’s blue kit is absolutely part of their heritage…



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